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Long Stem Flower Illustration

"Stacy is such a great human being! She patiently answered all my questions which took almost an hour of her time and also managed to “see” the true me over the phone. Her guidance was very inspiring and I’m definitely coming back to get more insights in the future:)" - Liana G.

"Stacy is so amazing! She is incredibly in tune and quickly picked up on my energy. The reading was super validating, positive, and supportive. I feel so grateful for this experience! I recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance and inspiration." - Melanie L.

Long Stem Flower Illustration

"I had a reading done by stacy. it was amazing. I was a little nervous because I did not know what to expect. she immediately put me at ease and we had a great reading. Stacy is so sweet, funny and a joy to speak with. ❤" - Elizabeth L.

"It’s so hard to find words to describe my experience with The Blooming Mystic. Not only was her reading accurate, she touched on details and things on my past that I don’t readily share. Wherever you are in your life I HIGHLY recommend Stacey’s services. If nothing less you will leave feeling refreshed and really in tune with yourself. I know I left with so many more answers than I had going in!" - Logan A.

Long Stem Flower Illustration
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