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This is Howie Do It

Howie went home to be a Sky Dog in November 2017, and I think of him every day, with so much gratitude. He was the guy who opened my heart and my mind to the concepts of rescue and animal communication. I think of him as George Clooney in canine form...charming, genuine, funny and able to melt grown women with a single glance. His personality was so big that it was easy to imagine and write stories about his pre-adoption exploits.

His transition left a huge hole in my heart, but he more than fills it with his love and guidance from the other side. Almost immediately, he showed me how to sense his presence: through movement. His physical body became problematic before he left it, so when I see a rolling tumbleweed or a plane leaving a contrail, I know he is back in a puppy body,  running free and flying high, welcoming those who have made their transition. When white clouds move across the sky, I remember how much he loved to hump fluffy white dogs, lol, and know he is saying hello.

He is one of my guides now, and I ask him for assistance frequently. Knowing how to communicate with him until we are together again, is a great comfort. Thank you for teaching me that, Howie! I'm going to pass it along wherever I can.

You're always in my heart, Howie. (Wish this tattoo was scratch-and-sniff, though, because you had serious Frito-feet)

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