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Reverend Michael taught me that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, as individuals and as part of a collective consciousness. I love the analogy of the ocean: each drop contains all the elements of the whole, while existing as a microcosm of it. We are like those drops, each of us unique, all of us together a vast,

powerful One. I believe that we are eternal, with each

incarnation remembering more of our truth, and of our

ability (individually and collectively) to create “heaven”

and “hell” through our thoughts, actions and energetic


It’s easy to forget our true nature when we get caught up

in news cycles, negativity and the experience of

disconnection from our source. The energy of fear and

anger that swirls around us sometimes, can drive us

farther into separation and confusion. It’s time to take a

lesson from our dogs: kick some grass over it and move on!

Let that shit go. 

Let’s remember, together. Remember that moment when

you felt most alive? You: laughing, beaming, joyful,

hopeful. Bring that moment to the front of your heart and

your mind! Remember? The creative juices were flowing.

The sunset was breath-taking. The love was melting you. The peace was cradling you. THAT is your truth! That energetic vibration is your essence, your birthright, your gift to the world.

Let’s remember it, woo it, shout it from the rooftops! Let’s see it in each other and nurture it. Let’s get quiet and tune in to the guidance and support that is all around us. There is a world of Light and Love just out of ordinary sight, overflowing with those who long to cheer us on and guide us if we will let them. There are little signs and messages all around you, every day… open yourself to them, turning towards them like a flower to the sun. Let’s lean in to the embrace of the universe, family. Let’s be blooming mystics, together! 


                         Peace and blessings,
                                                                                               Rev. Stacy 

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